The strong relationship between Crotia and the USA

America is welcome in Croatia

Among tourists outside Europe, Americans are the most represented and they are generally warmly welcomed by Croats. Historically strongly linked to Germans, Croats have build since their independence powerful relationships with the USA. During the Balkan war, the USA played a decisive role to defeat Serbia, which was Croatia's ennemy. In spite of the distance between both countries, the USA are among the top investors in Croatia, along with Germany, Austria and Italy. Coming to Croatian does not require any formalism for US citizens and similarly, Croats are one of the few former communist states in Europe that are eligible to Esta (see

The promotion of Croatian cutlure in the USA

Croats have also been present in the American soil for centuries. Throughout the country, various Croatian Cultural Centers promote and uphold the traditions of Croatian Culture and art in the United States of America. They accomplish this through exhibits, concerts, readings, lectures, festivals, classes and other events in all art forms. These art forms include but are not limited to the visual arts, literature, folk arts, theater, dance and media arts. Services and events are for all people to learn about Croatian Culture and art.

All over the country, organization of volunteers are committed to presenting the rich cultural heritage of Croatia to people of all nationalities, ethnicities and creeds. In their efforts to promote their heritage and culture to their fellow peoples, they also have the benefit of learning about the diverse and unique aspects of other people's cultures. In such way, Croat organization of cultural promotion feel that all cultures are enriched and better understood by the free exchange of cultural information with each other. They promote Croatian Culture by engaging the local community, sponsoring Croatian and multi-cultural events on a regular basis, participating in Community Outreach Programs, establishing new youth programs, and providing the resources to learn about Croatia and it's diverse geography, people, music and dance.