Camping in Croatia

Camping is quite popular in Croatia and I have spent a lot of nights sleeping sorrounded with peaceful sounds of nature. When I was little my parents had all the equipment (huge tents, something called brako trailer – you can google it even in English – it is a type of a trailer that expands to serve as a hard and lifted floors for the big tent) and we would just find a nice place in the camp near the beach and stayed there as long as we could. When I grew up, the adventurer in me found this to be a bit boring and I stated camping light, traveling from camp to camp.

Camps in Croatia are mainly placed on the coast but near cities and tourist attractions. Also, since Croatian is quite small, it is easy, convenient and fast to travel from camp to camp. You can wake up after not so quiet night in some camp near Zadar (which is on the south coast), pack you things, sit in the car or catch a bus and head out to Istria (a large peninsula on the north). You would still have enough time to find a place in the camp and set the tent. And have a beach party :)

So, do you want to settle somewhere nice, take out your gazeboes and hammocks and enjoy your comfy camping? You want to be near the beach, let the night breeze cools you and prepare relatively decent food on the relatively fixed stove? Croatia has camps for such heavy duty campers. Or you want to travel with as less things as possible to be able to visit many places? You want the adventure with nothing more but a warm rock and a soft layer of pine needles for you comfort? You perceive sun-warmed sandwich a cooked meal? Oh boy, do we have camps for your adventure camping sort.

It is important to know that unlike in some other countries it is forbidden to camp outside camping areas. However, I believe there are lots of people traveling on budget or simply ready for the ultimate camping adventure. Because, let’s face it, sleeping on the beach just in your sleeping bag and being awakened by the first rays of sun is something you cannot experience in regular camping sites. What I’m trying to say is that Croatia has many different types camps and all are available in all coastal and in some other regions. Since there are so many, I have divided this overview in three parts with short description of how to get from one part to the other.