Visit Grožnjan - Istrian mystic town of artists

For those who meet word Grožnjan for the first time (probably suffer dearly trying to pronounce it) and have no clue about it, let me tell you that Grožnjan is authentic and beautiful historic town in Istria, counting about 185 inhabitants and sitting at the top of the 228 m high hill.

In the year 1102, Grožnjan has been mentioned for the first time, in written manner, as property of Patriarch of Aquileia. In 1358 great Venice, permanently took over this charming town as grof Volrich Reifenberg sold it for 4000 ducats in order to pay his debts.

Until its final demise in 1797 Venice ruled over Grožnjan. Grožnjan had its maritime function as well, due to its connection to important port Bastia.This period is characterized by frequent hostile attacks and plague which in year 1630 caused abandonment of the whole Grožnjan area. Grožnjan managed to recover, and even flourished during Austrian rule, when famous Parenzaner Bahn was built.

Today Grožnjan is town of artists hosting numerous galleries and ateliers. This new artistic era started in 1965, when the Town of Arts has been founded. During summer Grožnjan becomes music center, with numerous events and festivals. Grožnjan is a hometown of Imaginary Film Academy started in 1995 as a project jointly developed and organized by the Academy of Drama Art in Zagreb and Ohio University.

The beauty and uniqueness of Grožnjan is not only it town itself, it is in the whole area too. Therefore take your time and take the tour around the whole area to discover several other authentic and historic places, also located at the top of the hills. Do not miss Kostanjica , place with ancient time history, old churches and charm, or Završje , another top hill historic place.

For all hikers, bikers and adventurers we recommend Parenzana bahn, The Route of Health and Friendship. The former railway line, ones named railway of the wine, which has become touristic, especially bikers attraction. It follows the train’s original path and offers unforgettable landscape views.

At the end, after a long day of sightseeing, do not forget to taste Grožnjan gastro offer. The whole Grožnjan area offer traditional istrian cuisine with restaurants offering domestic specialties such as truffles, asparagus, homemade cheese, wine and olive oil...