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Recharge your prepaid account

By placing your first call you get the initial amount on your account. When you spend it, buy a new voucher.

Points of sale

You can buy 25, 50, 100 and 200 HRK vouchers at points of sale across Croatia. Find the nearest store here.


Validity period

  • Voucher validity period is days from the day of activation voucher, 10 days for a 25 HRK voucher, 60 days for a 50 HRK voucher and 120 days for 100 and 200 HRK vouchers.
  • Once your voucher has expired, for the next 270 days you will only be able to receive calls and recharge your account.
  • Should you do not do this within this period, your account will be deactivated and can be sold another customer after 120 days.
  • You will be informed via SMS messages regarding changes to the status of your number/account and the periods in which you can reactivate your account.

Checking the account status

If you want to check your account status and until when it will be active, choose one of the following ways on your mobile phone:

  • enter *100# or
  • call 0981523 and listen to the voice message.

Recharging the account

When buying a voucher you will also get a 14-digit code and information about the value of the voucher, its serial number, validity period and instructions on how to activate the voucher (depending on the type of purchase, the data is listed on the voucher, receipt or will be sent to you by SMS).

  • Enter *123*14-digit_code_from_the_voucher# . After entering the code, you will receive a confirmation about recharging your Simpa account with a voucher in the value of 25, 50, 100 or 200 HRK, or
  • Call the toll-free number 0981523, when prompted enter the 14-digit code from your new voucher and new conversations and SMS messages can begin. Should you wish to use the service in English, press 3, 1 and 9 when propted.

In case you cannot recharge your account yourself or if you have entered the 14-digit code incorrectly ten times in the same month, call Simpa Customer Service at 0981520. The operator will request the phone number to which you wish to recharge, the 14-digit code from the voucher, voucher serial number and its value.

Managing Prepaid Tariffs

Change your tariff for free after each top-up of your account:

  • By sending a free SMS message with the letter “A” to 1523, and following the instructions you receive in the SMS messages
  • Further information can be obtained at 0800 9000

Become a Prepaid User

You can become a user by purchasing a Start package either alone at 20.00 HRK or together with a mobile phone, which will grant you additional benefits.

You can buy a Start package at the nearest T-Centar store.

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