Zagorje castle

The most famous castle in Zagorje is Trakoscan, located in the valley of Bednja, surrounded by forests and meadows that are perfect for walking and enjoying the tranquillity and greenery. Trakoscan was built and rebuilt during several centuries, representing the mixture of several styles of construction and architectonic styles, changing from a simple tower to the most romantic castle and home of the Draskovic family, who were the last owners of the castle. In the early 50s of the 20th century, the castle became a public museum.

However, the most beautiful and architecturally the most valuable castle in Zagorje is the castle Veliki Tabor. It is located in the Western part of the region. Originally, in the early middle Ages this caste was a military fort. Its first owner, the Count of Celje, started transforming it from a fort into a great castle for living. Tabor tells a lot of war stories, but also one of the most tragic love stories – the one about the love between a girl called Veronika and a young count - Fredrik of Celje.